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Why Apply

Benefits of Applying:

AIPMST (Primary) is a Scholarship Examination for students, who are aspiring to study in B. Pharma, B.Sc. Bio-Tech, B.Sc. Nursing, Paramedical, B.P.T, B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons) and B.M.L.T courses.

Medicine is one of the most gracious, prestigious, and well-rewarding professions. As the competition for admission in these biomedical and biochemical fields is getting strife year after year and with highly expensive too.

Benefits provided to:

a. All candidates who were not selected for medicine can apply for this scholarship program and avail of financial assistance in the biomedical and biochemical fields.

b. All candidates who cannot afford the expensive colleges and institutes can apply for the benefits of this scholarship program.

The objective of this entrance examination is to assist the Medical, Paramedical, and Health Science aspirants to avail an opportunity of admission to its participating institutes with up to 100% tuition fee waiver as a Scholarship.

Financial aid provided to the candidates are:

  • Getting 100% Tuition Fees as a full scholarship for all four years of studying in the top government-approved universities and colleges across India.
  • Different types of scholarships that students can avail of are: 

a) complete four-year tuition fees;

b) one-year tuition fees;

c) ‘Standard Laptop’

depending upon the performance in the scholarship examination score.

  • AIPMST (Primary) provides flexibility in selecting the college and its location according to students’ own choices.
  • Students can select more than 500 Government-approved universities and colleges across India.

Asia’s top public and private 500+ Government-approved universities and colleges participating in this scholarship program prepare the candidates for a future path to Graduation and subsequent employability. It is a great platform for all aspiring candidates, who are eligible for admission as it helps them to pursue education with financial freedom. AIPMST (Primary) gives hand-holding support to the candidates who qualify for the scholarship examination. Also, this examination gives support through a scholarship program where the applicants gain maximum benefits out of the relief from four-year tuition fees. Thus, AIPMST (Primary) is a ray of hope for students who are aspiring to pursue these courses.

Note: If you qualify for the AIPMST Scholarship Examination, we can waive the complete Tuition Fee as a Scholarship.


For any further assistance:

Helpline Number: +91-9355111307

Watsapp: +91-9355111308         



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