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INTRODUCTION: Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy, today, is one of those fields that helps to increase mobility and functional complications caused by some long-time illness. Once the physiotherapist knows the illness history and conducts the physical examination, a relief management plan is designed and implemented. To clarify the physical examination further other imaging tests and their reports are studied. Physiotherapy is a medically-oriented combination of therapies, exercises based on theoretical concepts. It helps in management and cure of all kind of trauma related complications and injuries. It helps in muscular and orthopedic complications in diseases which have limited medicinal cure and are manageable through exercises and other physiotherapy techniques.

COURSE: The course provides training to physiotherapy professionals to take care of patients at a basic clinical level with a large amount of practice, knowledge, and use of techniques and equipments in patient’s treatment. The theoretical and technical qualifications of a physiotherapist equip the aspirants for preventive management and rehabilitative programs to help patients individually.

CRITERIA: Those aspirants who have a keen interest and want to be associated with medical field can opt for this course. The candidate has to be qualified in class12th with PCB stream from a recognized board and appear in an entrance test.

CAREER OPPORTUNITY: Physiotherapists have become an indispensable part of our lives owing to the lifestyles in offices and at work that people generally follow now a days. Stiffness, shoulder aches, backaches, arthritis osteonecrosis are common occupational hazards that have become synonyms with so many people these days. This is where physiotherapists become in demand, they are related to a profession where maximizing mobility and quality of life is done by implementing clinical reasoning and management programs. Apart from the basic clinical study, Physiotherapy also has a postgraduate and inter-disciplinary research level to offer to its students.

DURATION: The bachelor’s course is four years.

INTERNSHIP: Half year internship is also part of the course which is provided after four years.

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