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INTRODUCTION: Though the paramedical term with its supplement and support to medical services sounds as if it does not require a completely qualified specialist (for example, radiography, crisis medical aid, physiotherapy, and dietetics etc) and that is the basic reason most of the Indian students are worried and confused about choosing a course for their career in the paramedical field. But, a paramedical professional is an individual with an expertise in emergency services. The role of the paramedical professional also becomes highly important in a set-up which has no hospital facility. In such an out of place setting a parmedical’s knowledge and skills become of utmost importance. In one sentence we can say a paramedical professional is a walking emergency department of a hospital for care. He has all the facilities of an emergency department in his control, that he uses with the help of his skills and expertise.

COURSE: The course provides training to paramedics who are paramedical professionals in taking care of patients in their treatment of cardiac arrest, respiratory problems, crisis management and such other complications with doctors and during emergency. The set of skills that paramedics acquire equip the aspirants for preventive, curative and rehabilitative administration of emergency situation services on individual and large scale.

CRITERIA: Those aspirants who have an interest in the medical field (and are keen or desirous to work while managing an out of hospital, emergency situation) can opt for this course. The candidate has to be qualified in class12th with PCB stream from a recognized board and appear in an entrance test.

OPPORTUNITY: A paramedic can find job opportunities in government hospitals, private clinics, and trauma centers. Such medical professionals can work in close association with those people of high order who have high knowledge of emergency medical situation, thus paramedics are always exposed to better knowledge and support and training. Besides they can opt for high-end specialization courses and discover numerous opportunities everywhere.

DURATION: The duration of the course is 2 to 3 years at under graduate level.

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